Past Blog Posts

Christmas 2016

  1. I thought the incarnation was a type of flower!?
  2. Happy families at Christmas
  3. Pregnant teenager? Check. Illegitimate child? Check. Homeless? Check. It must be Christmas.

Epiphany 2017

Wise men in a post-truth society

Baptism of Jesus 2017

Why you should listen to a Voice from the Clouds

Ordinary Time 2017

Moments in Time

Walls and all

Why I’m Not Certain

Searching for Joy

Who are my enemies?

Lent 2017

  1. What’s that on your head?
  2. This Diet Will Change Your Life!
  3. A Mystery of Faith
  4. Please don’t read this blog

Holy Week and Easter 2017

  1. Questions of Identity
  2. On A Different Level
  3. The Ultimate Paradox
  4. Everything has Changed

Election 2017

  1. What belt are you wearing?
  2. How to Win a General Election
  3. You Have Four Minutes

Exams 2017

You May Begin Now

Being a parent

You are just like your parents

Pentecost 2017

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. Something worth waiting for

Controversial topics

  1. Difficult questions with simple answers
  2. When every answer is wrong (part one)
  3. When every answer is wrong (part two)

Ordinary Time 2017 Summer


Life to the Full

Awesome Approachability

  1. Was it worth it?
  2. Something that’s worth it

Back to the Start

The peace of completion

What’s in a name?

The End is Nigh

The Responsibility of Love

Lots of Little Things

How full is your glass?

Re-ordering the list